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Burnham Company General Contracting, Inc.

What people say about working with us



Having every one of our clients 100% satisfied with the overall process, especially the end result, is our number one goal. Here are just a few things our customers have to say about Burnham Company General Contracting, Inc.

"There's a level of comfort that comes from working with a group of people like the team at Burnham Company Inc.  Starting with the roots of such a company. One that has and is being passed down from generation to generation.  The fact of knowing that they're here and they have been here and that they are going to be here tomorrow holds great merit.

In today's world of construction, everyone is a contractor....for a short time.  Not Burnham Company.  Using state of the art technology toppled with cutting edge equipment and materials.  The old school work ethic along with the quality of craftsmanship that these guys deliver deeply reflects the very heritage of the business that perceives them. "Built to last".  "If you're not going to do it right, why bother?"  I've heard Bernie say this time and time again........ I love that!

Having a small custom building and remodeling business of my own in Mount Washington Valley, I have been working with Burnham Company for over 25 years.  They've always done my site work and every time, it's a pleasure.  My business would not be where it is today if it wasn't for the efforts and dependability of Burnham Company Inc."

-----Tim Kiesman - T.K. & Son Custom Building and Remodeling

"When we moved over from Maine to the Mt. Washington Valley, we were concerned that we find the best contractors for our project.  The lot we chose was going to be very difficult to develop and so we paid particular attention to whom we would choose for all the site work which included, among other things, a 1,500' plus uphill driveway.  We interviewed five different contractors, including Burnham Company Inc.  One of the five was honest enough to say the project was too big for him and asked if we would share the names of the others we had interviewed.  When we mentioned Burnham Company Inc, the young man immediately said "use them". He stated that hiring Burnham Company Inc would be well worth our investment.  That other contractor gave us incredibly good advice.  We could not have been more pleased with the result.  We most highly recommend his services to anyone.  Bernie and his son, Michael, amazed us with their work ethic and skills."

----Paul Dillaway and Debbie Temm

Madison, NH

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